10 traveling couples that you must follow on the Internet

10 traveling couples that you must follow on the Internet

Have you noticed the train of thoughts that swings by when you look at those beautiful travel pictures of couples on Instagram? Do they make you begrudging, maybe intimidate your visual mind, or make you skeptical? I mean, in simple terms, does it make you wish you were in that picture like that? Sometimes I am carried away by my ‘textual’ flings. I have been accused of being preposterous with words occasionally but you cannot call that a crime, can you?

Anyway, not straying away from the topic in hand, here is a list of my favorite traveling couples on the internet. These are those 10 power-packed traveling couples that will make you confused about whether being single is better, if you are, or that you are missing out a lot on life. Now a travel picture could be any picture with a destination or a subject in it. But when we mention ‘a traveling couple’, the whole concept changes. It has to include a couple, regardless of their nature of relationship or preferences, and the destination. Now that is the beauty of ‘a traveling couple’, to the very phrase of it. There are a thousand of couples across the globe, and I am sure all of them are great in their own unique ways. However, why did I choose these 10 traveling couples? It is because of the content that they generate. I am not talking about Instagram followers, Facebook fans, or the likes of it, but just the core content. Well, as the great Bard himself said, without ‘much ado about nothing’ here is the list.

Travel My Nation

Archana and Vidur, both are marketing professionals, having worked with corporate giants, found a calling through a couple of travel pictures that they posted on their Instagram feed. Subsequent trysts with experiential travel graduated them to storytellers and thus Travel My Nation happened. The fundamental art in putting across your travel stories is focus. And this is precisely what Archana and Vidur does through their digital travel book. Their stories are focused on trips and destinations that take you out of your comfort zone. 

Our Vagabond Stories

Nikita Das and Harry Naik, currently calling northern India’s Gurgaon city their home started their Our Vagabond Stories. This traveling couple is a lethal combination of talents. Harry is an ace digital marketer and Nikita is a graduate in English literature. And did I mention, Harry is a Poker player too.? These talents translate into the kind of content that you see in Our Vagabond Stories. From wine tasting tours to motorcycle modifications and upgrades, their travel content is a mix of things to do across the globe as a couple.

Gypsy Couple

Now the backdrop of this couple coming together is very interesting. Their wedding culminated out of an arranged marriage system, typically done in India, and is always a dicey proposition only an Indian can understand. But what began as a journey in uncertainties molded into a bonding sealed by a common passion: traveling. Thus, Gypsy Couple was coined. Their stories are centered on luxurious locales mostly. Their bucket list includes Amazon rainforests, the Machu Picchu trail, and the Kilimanjaro Trek. Therefore, you now know what their future stories are going to look like. Gypsy Couple’s Instagram pictures are unfiltered and natural. No wonder more than forty thousand followers dwell there.

Loading Miles

Being a great storyteller, especially when the subject is travel, requires you to opening up to a place and its people, and this is what our next traveling couple on the list t does. Meet Anvitha and Divin. While Anvitha is an experiential blogger creating the stories, Divin, as a photographer weaves in the visuals. Their stories are foreplay of destinations done in the most basic way to the most refined style. Anivitha has traveled to more than 13 countries and 18 Indian states and she is always accompanied by her husband, Divin. Loading Miles is stories as they happen. Their Instagram posts are very descriptive and each picture is accompanied by a synced story. They write not only about their travels but also about their lives as a traveling couple.

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Go Beyond Bounds

Go Beyond Bounds are experiences that Rashmi and Chalukya, a traveling couple from India’s biggest commercial city Mumbai undertake, now with their 3-year-old daughter. What started as a weekend getaway from Mumbai experience sharing amplified to more detailed traveling across the world. They do not limit themselves to backpacking or offbeat destinations, but tease around as the opportunity presents. They say you can permeate and absorb a destination only as much as you open up yourself to it. Their stories are written in a very non-pretentious way and Go Beyond Bounds is a digital descriptive storybook for the ‘travel as it is’ reader. Their range of content swings from colorful neighborhoods in Goa to majestic South Indian temples to a valley of 72 waterfalls in Switzerland.  

Passion Travelers

Now the next on the list of our traveling couples are Melinda and Nigel, the passion travelers. Through Passion Traveler every story they tell, infuses the world with a little more appreciation and little more kindness. Their website does not say much about their travel habits or stories but you need to look for their Instagram profile. The backdrop as the destination, Melinda and Nigel are the subjects of their stories. Their content is very ‘beachy’ (read lots of beaches). They infuse a lot of romance in their visuals, which of course is original, but preset dependent. Personally, I do not consider it a crime at all to use presets. I, in fact, advocate it. The whole purpose of a visual is to tell a story, and a story is never complete without a setting. Presets helps with the mood and setting of a visual. Indeed our traveling couple Melinda and Nigel has a crush on this world.  

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We Love our Life

Domenico Solimini and Federica Allegretti are all-out Italian romance and passion. A traveling couple united by a common goal of traveling, even though they come from entirely different professional backgrounds. Domi is a pharmacist and Frida is an architect. Their Instagram profile is an engaged community of more than 600000 followers. We Love our Life posts are European and the best thing is that although the backdrops seem very commonplace, the accompanying stories are very immersive.

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Couple of Co-ordinates

What an apt name! Great travel stories succeed in plucking meaning from the everyday life. And this is what Matt and Hannah, a full time traveling couple does. The world is about geographical positions and positions are measured in co-ordinates. This traveling couple aims at unearthing new co-ordinates regularly. Matt grew up in the foothills of Lake Tahoe, California, and Hannah in a small town in the foothills of Alberta Rocky Mountains. So this foothills raised couple went uphill in traveling. For a couple who met, working together in Hawaii, just imagine what kind of travel stories they can cook. It could only be an adventure. Did I mention that they were working together in a restaurant in Hawaii? Well in a list of traveling couples whose Instagram followers are in the “massive “category, this Couple of Coordinates might not qualify in numbers, but there is a method to their madness in travel. Their posts and stories have a certain amount of rawness, which makes it very relatable to everyone. 

Minimale Effort

I really love the name of the blog ‘Minimale Effort Blog‘. Krystal and Eric are full-time corporate professionals and this is their story minus their professions. In a data-driven world keeping a minimalistic through process one of the hardest thing to do. This couple knows how to compose tales in-between numbers that they are always engrossed in. Krystal and Eric makes it to our list of traveling couples on the internet with their no clutter concept of life and keeping things to the basic. A page on their website resonates with their travel style and again you might wonder why a foreign traveling couple with just 1800 followers on Instagram is doing on this list in a blog post written by an Indian writer. Well, dear readers, let me remind you again, this post is not about numbers but about content. And minimalist style in travel is a deep content. 


Meet this Australian couple, Alesha and Jarryd, who has been traveling the world since 2008. Now this traveling couple in our list has made the art of travel storytelling very practical and a serious business. Nomadasaurus, Alesha and Jarryd, has organically grown their fan base with their ‘asaurus‘(usually means massive) nomadic style of travel. There is always so much steam in their stories and posts. No unlike the others on this list of traveling couples, their Instagram feed has posts that mostly separates the destination from the couple. Their carefree style of traveling takes you through some destinations that we usually see in likes of Conde Nast travel magazine. From the crazy snapshots of budget road trips to luxurious yacht trips in the Galapagos, this couple has seen it all.

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Well, it took me some time to find these traveling couples to fit in this list. Each one I must have their unique stories to tell. Moreover, as years pass by, these stories will keep on broadening. These are actual stories that transport us from our virtual screens to the real site. A nice travel story always moves us; they are lodged into our emotions and stimulate a sense of navigation in us.

The art of storytelling today has been narrowed down to search-engine-optimized content or what they call it, getting on the first page of Google. People no longer read, they scroll. Stories are visual now. This is certainly a bit gloomy and devastating too sometimes but inevitable.

Whenever I need to research something on the internet, although I still prefer the library, if available nearby, always start at the 3rd page of Google or whatever the search engine is. Sometimes the real gems are hidden beneath layers of sodden filth.  

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  1. Such an interesting read . I almost fell in love once again. I jjust wish things get back normal again so that I can travel soon.


  2. Bearded Traveling Soul is a creative and quirky travel blog with stories that will make you want to run away with them and do long road trips around the world forever. The post on Traveling couples made me fall in love with life again.


  3. Dzukou Valley, with all its daunting trails covering the exciting nature around, has been a trekker’s first love! The life and terrain beyond the mountains are exciting, raw, and lures every traveler into a momentous journey. Well written post , will contact you for advice when we decide to come.


  4. Love the article. Been searching for a good list of fellow couple travel bloggers and this one is dynamite! Thanks for sharing – definitely opened our minds to how big the community is.

    Keep up the great content!


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