10 Instagram Yoga accounts to follow

Feel like you need some more Yoga inspiration in your life? Here are 10 amazing Instagram accounts to follow ASAP! Check them out.

Yoga is more than just spreading the mat, stretching, and meditating. Practicing Yoga can only complete the process of understanding Yoga. It is a teacher if you have faith in it. The practice of Yoga and its philosophy go hand in hand. If you can steady your mind, you can steady your balance.

We have rounded up 10 Yogis that have taken the practice of Yoga to an inspiring new level. Look at these Instagram accounts and you will be inspired to follow and experience Yoga wholeheartedly.

Rooted in Flowing

Rooted in Flowing Yoga Instagram
SOURCE : Instagram @rootedinflowing

Vanessa Tikanni is a Yoga teacher and a ‘body ‘love advocate. Her Instagram fed @rootinflowing is full of self-love therapeutic photographs of a human being consumed by Yoga. She is sponsored by Alo Yoga as an apparel partner and she is quite selective about her collaborations and assignments.

Yoga Caro

Yoga Caro Carolyn Theresa Simon
Source: Instagram @yogacaro

Carolyn Theresa Simon, is a Yoga instructor and Wellness blogger. Carolyn starts her day with a warm herbal tea or ginger tea to kick start her day. Her Instagram handle @yogacaro is her journey to practicing Yoga. Carolyn amalgamates her Yoga with Ayurveda to attain maximum benefits

Stretchy Licious

Stretchy Licious Lindell
Source: Instagram @stretchylicious

Lindell is a registered Yoga teacher in Hatha Yoga and in Yin Yoga. She conducts regular classes in Brussels, Belgium. @stretcylicious, her Instagram account is about achieving flexibility through Yoga. Her pictures are instructions in Yoga poses and perhaps her background in ballet reflects on her hold in Yoga.

Sheriff Jahnavi

Sheriff Jahnavi Smash Them Crew
Source : Instagram @sheriffjahnavi

Sheriff, a professional dance choreographer uses Yoga to build her tempo. Her Instagram @sheriffjahnavi is about techniques in inversions and arm balances. Sheriff believes in listening to her body and having fun with Yoga. Her style of Yoga preaches in keeping a mind free from clouded emotions and enjoying life as it comes.

Jamie Marie Yoga

Jamie Marie Yoga
Source : Instagram @amiemarie_yoga

Jamie Marie’s journey into Yoga has been slightly different. She confesses that she started disliking her body until she gained discipline, strength, and flexibility through Yoga. Her Instagram @jamiemarie_yoga contains a plethora of posts depicting her playful side brought about by Yoga. She maintains an exclusive, subscriber-only, website where she depicts a repressed sensual side with Yoga.

Nadia Redel

Nadia Redel Yoga
Souce : Instagram @nadiaredel

Nadia Redel is a firm believer in living a life full of balance. Nadia is a professional Yoga instructor and a self-confessed healthy food junk. Her Instagram handle @nadiaredel is about Yoga, surfing, and traveling. Through her style of Yoga, Nadia gives some easy tips on combating extra everyday stress in life. Nadia’s Instagram posts are about facing life’s challenges and not owing down to adversaries.

Yoga by Anjali

Yoga by Anjali
Source : Instagram @yogabyanjali

@yogabyanjali is an instructional manual by Anjali about Hatha Yoga on Instagram. She shares Yoga experiences, tutorials, and tips through her posts. Anjali believes that regular Yoga practice can increase blood circulation in a human body, which in turn can keep the body free from the perils of common ailments.

Cathy Madeo Yoga

Cathy Madeo Yoga
Source : Instagram @cathymadeoyoga

Cathy Madeo is a certified Yoga instructor. Her ‘Activate Your Core’, style of Yoga focuses on core drills of Yoga. Her Instagram handle @cathymadeoyoga offers some challenging Yoga poses. She holds yearly 200 hours Yoga teacher trainings, teaches at Yoga workshops and hosts Yoga retreats all over the world. 

Yoga KY

Yoga Kylan Fischer
Source : Instagram @yoga_ky

Kylan Fischer is a Yoga instructor and a plant-based health coach. Kylan believes that Yoga makes people feel better from inside out and her Instagram @yoga_ky posts are all about this theory. Kylan teaches people through her style of Yoga to recognize humility. She rightly says that a human being’s progress stops the moment we think we have got it all figured out.

Nude Yoga Girl

Nude Yoga Girl
Source : Instgram @nude_yogagirl

This Yogi, popularly called NYG or the Nude Yoga Girl, is one of those Yoga actioners who is extremely profound with her level of self-awareness. Her Instagram account @nude_yogagirl is not a collection of raunchy or offensive posts of a woman practicing yoga in the nude but rather an expression of freedom. To her Yoga is about your inner feelings about yourself.

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Yoga is a way of life and the true purpose of Yoga cannot be other than a spiritual one. It needs discipline. It is a journey that everyone can embark upon, irrespective of their age and prior skills.

This pandemic, we had to be confined to our homes for a prolonged period. And a lot of us have devised our own fitness schedule. If you feel you have been inspired by this post, I would like to know your thoughts. Please do mention in your comments, how did you benefit from your fitness regimes at home. The regimes need not be just about Yoga, but can be any fitness form you practice.

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