The Eventours Story

Everything starts with an idea, and the team came together in making the idea happen. Countless conversations with concentrated brain storming created Eventours. We strongly believe that you have to taste a culture to understand it and what best can it be, if you are a part of the celebration in an event, anywhere you go.

At Eventours, we are made up of a small group of people with countless years of experience working and travelling in India. We are the people who have “been there, done that” with the larger companies and now want to provide you an exceptional vacation filled with inspiring and life-enriching experience. And this has become our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Let the adventure begin, lets ramble …

Meet the Co-founders

Amitabh and Raunak started Eventours to solve their own travel challenges. As erstwhile corporate executives, with their own backpacking interests, they visualized that travel in itself is an event. And being part of an engaged travel program is what most travel enthusiasts likes to experience. They took one step further by making the traveller an entrepreneur and lo behold there comes the “travelpreneur”. 

Raunak Narayan Deb co founder of Eventours Travels LLP

Raunak Narayan Deb – He comes with 10+ years of experience with strong service industry background throughout his career and an eye for detail. A post graduate also in Business Administration, he finally made to what he has always loved – travel. After his stints with big global names like IBM, American Express, Hutchison Australia, he made his way to his home in Assam. A vivid traveller by nature he likes to explore and read places and loves to make a visionary approach to most of his work. He swears by Clint Eastwood’s maxim – “Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.”

Amitabh Sarma known as the beardedtravelingsoul co- founder of Eventours Travels LLP

Amitabh Sarma – After working for a few years as a Business Analyst in American Express he quit his job to travel the world. A post graduate in Business Administration, he worked with some big corporate giants like NIIT, EFunds, Technova Global and Jungle Travels India. He reads, writes and works travel!! He says that his best moments in life have been when he is riding his Royal Enfield through the rugged mountains and serene plains of India. He goes Neil Patrick Harris’ maxim – “Sometimes you can have the smallest role in the smallest production and still have a big impact.”

Eventours Travels is assisted in terms of product development, marketing, digital concepts and an array of activities by specialist individuals and organisations from the region. All of them are experts in travel and allied activities. Eventours Travels is essentially a collaboration of like- minded individuals, who although from relatively different spheres, have corroborated a common platform.

ET Charity – Making a difference to the world

Launched in 2017, the ET Charity initiative helps raise funds for less fortunate areas and communities around the world, many of which have given us and our guests such a warm welcome and endless enjoyment. The scheme involves us levying a small voluntary contribution on each tailor-made and escorted tour invoice which we then match before distributing the entire amount to our chosen project.

Our plan is to raise substantial financial help and distribute to a wide variety of projects around the world. We and the recipients are deeply grateful for your generous support. Thank You.


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