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Bearded Traveling Soul

It’s always the same sun, the same moon and the same you but remember it’s always a different place

A Wilderness trip to Pench National Park

Wilderness trip to Pench National Park

A three day wildlife expedition in Pench National Park which included a stay at Jamtara Wilderness Camp.

Moatsu Festival and trip to Mokokchung

Moatsu Festival and Mokokchung

Moatsu festivals of the Ao Nagas and a trip to Mokokchung in Nagaland

Ambubachi Festival: Kamakhya temple ..

Ambubachi Festival Kamakhya temple and Tantrism

Ambubachi Mela is an annual fair celebrated for four days in the famed tantric temple of Kamakhya.

Minimalist Story Setting

I love the concept of minimalism, especially when it comes to showcasing your travel. When you intend your reader to read, it has got to be in black and white. How can you expect your reader to be in sync with your thoughts when words are written in a colored canvas? When it comes to travel I like it, either way, the minimalist traveling as well soaked in luxury. That’s what Bearded Traveling Soul is all about; it’s about stories without categorizing in rich or poor.

Visual Story Book

Traveling helps you become a story teller.

A relationship is necessary between the story and art. An understanding has to arrive between the narrator and the audience, and this understanding is borne out of mutual interests. An interest co-created by the quest for the same goal.

Meaningful Travel

Unbinding from the mere concept of visiting ecological sites and engaging in conversations about conservation efforts, a more programmed affair that culminates into a mass habit is what is needed. Welcome to the world of the Bearded Traveling Soul and be a part of the story.

Mountains and Me

AMS – What it means in Ladakh?

Acute Mountain Sickness and what it means in Ladakh. We should be well prepared before visiting Ladakh.

Northeast India Connect

It all begun here on the other side of the country. I have been born in the Christian state of Nagaland and have spent the better part of my growing in this land. Perhaps I was introduced to Christianity and influenced by it in Nagaland. It was a voluntary mechanism, nothing imposed and none resisted. Perhaps when I look back, I must have grown the habit of living with nature here. Life was a bit cut off from technology there and now I feel that it was worth it. Although I could not grasp the beauty then, I do understand the allure of remoteness now. It is another thing to wake up to a concrete jungle and absolutely different to wake up daily to lofty mountains and smooth sailing clouds. It was in Nagaland perhaps I perceived traces of racism too. And it was perhaps in Nagaland, that made me a citizen on this prodigious Northeast India, which I call home now..



Interview Dipmoina Dowarah

Interview with Social Entrepreneur, Dipmoina Dowarah from Majuli , who is a pledged organ donor among other things.

Beardedtravelingsoul is a storybook. A storybook where the characters are commonplace and the stage is our world. I rarely write about my experiences immediately. I give it at least a year to lodge it in my memory. If it escapes, it’s not worth writing about. And these are stories that have refused to escape my memory.

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These stories are straight from the heart. No Pre-Arrangement, no stage work, and no drama. Yes, the inspirations are many, but a lot of them are commonplace. Some journeys can never end. It might have a start day and an end day, but it never actually ends. I have always managed to keep my soul alive through the places that I have been too.

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